Office phone booths are a fantastic office addition for your employees, creating an area where they can focus, converse and enjoy some peace and quiet.

They can be a worthwhile investment and make a big difference in your company’s overall productivity. However, you may not know enough about them yet to make a purchasing decision.

What kind of privacy booth should you buy and how will you know if it is good quality? What is the pricing range like?

There’s no need to spend hours on research - we’ve got all of the details here for you.

First - The Benefits of Office Phone Booths

Let’s start with a quick overview of why you should be investing in these soundproof booths for your office quiet space.

Premium office booths can make work much easier, particularly when it comes to video conferencing and phone calls. These are best done in a quiet environment, without the background buzz and chatter of an open-plan office. It’s also essential for privacy to be provided for those phone calls whose content is confidential.

Having the chance to go into a noise-free room, which is also regulated for temperature and humidity, is a great boost for your employees. They’ll be able to relieve tons of stress and pressure that an open-plan office contributes to.

Even doing so for a short time each day can make a big difference in stress levels. Stress can cause both mental health issues and physical issues, like a lower immune system, aches and back pain.


On top of that, giving your employees the option and the feeling of control over where they work will definitely make them much happier. All of this adds up to ensure a workplace which is less stressful and more enjoyable for everyone.

Making this change is really important for you as a manager or business owner. Any investment that you can make that gives you better-working and more satisfied employees is one that you should seriously consider.

Office Phone Booth Pricing - The Signs of High Quality

Now that you understand why you need to get your office a phone booth / pod, you’re probably wondering how to make it happen. What’s the difference between a good quality office phone booth and one that simply won’t do the job?

The materials used in the construction are often a big giveaway. Using premium materials which are best suited for the job guarantees a top flight result. All safety regulations should be followed to the highest standard.

Our booths are made with high-grade pre-finished maple wood on both the interior and the exterior. The doors are completed with high-grade aluminum from local sources, while their main feature is dual pane tempered glass.

High-grade safety plexiglass makes up the ceiling, and at the back of the unit, exhaust fans and a ventilation system are installed to ensure good air circulation. The air is totally exchanged within the booth in less than two minutes, ensuring that the temperature and humidity do not start to creep up.

Motion sensors are used to trigger the fans, so that energy isn’t wasted while the privacy booth is not in use.

Inside the office phone booth, there are two fast-charging USB ports, two outlets suitable for three-pronged appliances, and an open port for Ethernet or cable. This means work can still continue inside the booth without having to run cables across the office. As for powering the booth itself, this just takes one cable which must be plugged into a three-pronged outlet. The cable length of 15 feet ensures that you will be able to place the soundproof booth wherever you need it.

Another aspect of our booths that make them convenient for use is their flexibility. They are easy to assemble and disassemble, and you can have them up and running in a small number of hours, as opposed to the weeks and even months of work it takes to build them from scratch. Additionally, these soundproof booths can be moved with slider pads if you wish to rearrange their office location at any time.


The Cost of Purchasing Office Phone Booths

A basic soundproof booth would cost a minimum of $10,000 to build privately and may not be up to a professional standard, so keep that figure in mind. You may be surprised at how much you can save simply by leaving it to the professionals.

With a one year full warranty and a full money-back guarantee for the first 30 days after receiving your booth, it’s a no-brainer to go ahead and try one out. The only real question is what size and model you will go for.

The Comfort Booth comes in at $4,999. As well as the features described above, it also comes with an anti-fatigue floor mat, a custom wood standing desk, and a magnetic latching system. The exterior size is 82in x 44in x 40in. The interior, meanwhile, measures 82in x 36in x 34in. It’s just below the regulated size to require a fire sprinkler, so you don’t have to add one when you install it. It will be shipped out in 30 days, or in 10 days if you add rush delivery to your order.

office phone booth price, cost

The Executive Booth costs $15,999 and has more room to move around in. It is sized at 82in x 88in x 40in on the outside. Sitting on the inside, you will have space of 82in x 80in x 34in. This could be enough room for a meeting of two people, or for a more senior member of staff to have room to spread out. You can have it shipped out to you within 60 days.

office phone pod pricing

At $18,999, the Executive Room is our most luxurious and spacious booth. It’s a little taller than the other models, as well as being wider and deeper. The external sides measure 90in x 90in x 90in, making it a perfect cube. On the inside, this translates as 84in x 84in x 84in.

It is also 100% ADA Compliant with enough room inside for a wheelchair to do a full turn. This model ships in 60 days.

office phone booth pricing

All of these models are available in two different options as to the color scheme: they can be fully done out in natural maple wood or can have a white exterior with maple on the inside.

You can also add adjustable stools to your order at a price of $99 each, or a shelf at a price of $50. These accessories can help to create an even better working space from the moment your office phone booth arrives.

Once you have your office privacy booth up and running, you will immediately be able to see the difference it makes. With happier staff, a quieter and healthier office environment, and a tranquil place to sit whenever you need to, it’s a great investment to make.


To get in touch with us, feel free to use the form on our contact page. You can also call us at 415.323.5358. Visit a gallery of our soundproof booths today and see which ones would fit great in your office!

November 21, 2017 by Cort Tafoya

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